Pakistan players skip sports psychologist sessions

Pakistan players skip sports psychologist sessions

Tooba Shakir 7 months ago 0 0


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) initially secured the expertise of sports psychologist Dr. Maqbool Babri to provide counseling for the men’s team during the ODI series against Afghanistan in Sri Lanka. Subsequently, with the approval of the PCB management committee, the decision was made to extend Babri’s contract. The PCB opted to secure his services for an additional six weeks, specifically during the World Cup.

A remuneration of PKR 2.5 million was allocated for the sports psychologist’s six-week tenure. Presently, Babri is accompanying the Pakistan squad in India, participating in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Regrettably, Babri’s appointment appears to have yielded little benefit, as reports suggest that players did not actively engage in sessions with the esteemed psychologist.

Sources have disclosed that Babri’s efforts were met with resistance, as players seemingly did not take his role seriously. Notably, throughout the World Cup, no player has participated in sessions with the sports psychologist. Whenever Babri attempted to initiate sessions, players consistently asserted that they did not perceive the necessity for such interventions.

Pakistan has endured a string of four successive defeats in the World Cup, reflecting a noticeable dip in the players’ demeanor. In light of this, seeking assistance from a sports psychologist could prove beneficial in bolstering the team’s mental resilience and reinvigorating their spirits for the upcoming matches in the World Cup.