Tendulkar lauds Rizwan, Kohli mocks Pakistan wicketkeeper

Tendulkar lauds Rizwan, Kohli mocks Pakistan wicketkeeper

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Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar showered praise on Mohammad Rizwan, applauding his batting prowess and describing him as a player who excels in employing strategic mind games against bowlers.

While commentating during ongoing World Cup match between India and Pakistan, Tendulkar emphasized Rizwan’s effectiveness, citing his unorthodox playing style and his penchant for keeping the opposing team on their toes.

“Mohammad Rizwan is fun, he’s extremely effective. I’ve seen him play some crucial innings. He’s unorthodox, is a very busy player who likes to play with the fielding side’s mind and play mind games with the bowlers,” Tendulkar said.

However, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli expressed a different sentiment regarding Rizwan’s approach. Kohli seemed unimpressed when Rizwan took an extended period before facing a delivery after coming in to bat following the dismissal of Imam-ul-Haq at 36. To playfully poke fun at Rizwan’s delay, Kohli humorously pretended to check the time on his wrist like he was wearing a watch, adding a light-hearted moment to the on-field dynamics.

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Rizwan scored 49 before he was dismissed for 49 by Jasprit Bumrah, as India bowled out Pakistan for 191. Had he succeeded in scoring a half-century, he would have matched the 48-year-old record set by former captain Majid Khan, who scored three consecutive 50+ runs in his debut World Cup in 1975.

 Rizwan, who scored 68 and 131* in the first two World Cup matches, had the opportunity to become the second player to accomplish this remarkable feat.