Britney Spears discovers 'Free Britney' movement from 'forced' rehab window

Britney Spears discovers ‘Free Britney’ movement from ‘forced’ rehab window

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Britney Spears discovers Free Britney movement from forced rehab window
Britney Spears discovers ‘Free Britney’ movement from ‘forced’ rehab window

In a shocking revelation, pop sensation Britney Spears disclosed that she first learned of the #FreeBritney movement during her time in rehab in 2018. 

This revelation is featured in her upcoming memoir titled The Woman In Me, as reported by People. Spears opened up about how she was entirely unaware of the fan-led movement that was actively advocating for her release from a 13-year-long conservatorship until a nurse informed her and encouraged her to look out of the window.

Spears expressed her deep gratitude to her devoted fans for their unwavering support, emphasizing, “That was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen in my life.”

At the heart of this groundbreaking movement was the unwavering commitment of fans who rallied together to bring attention to the oppressive conditions under which the singer was forced to live. 

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, had her admitted to a rehab facility in Beverly Hills, where she endured numerous restrictions, including being placed on lithium and allowed only one hour of television per day.

Spears revealed in her memoir, “My father said that if I didn’t go, then I’d have to go to court, and I’d be embarrassed,” recounting that he threatened to tarnish her image if she did not comply. 

She went on to detail the horrific conditions she faced, stating, “They kept me locked up against my will for months. I couldn’t go outside. I couldn’t drive a car. I had to give blood weekly. I couldn’t take a bath in private. I couldn’t shut the door to my room.”

One day, a compassionate nurse showed her videos of the fervent supporters who had joined the #FreeBritney movement to question the necessity of her conservatorship. Spears reflected on this moment in her memoir, writing, “I don’t think people knew how much the #FreeBritney movement meant to me, especially in the beginning.”

The global #FreeBritney movement played a pivotal role in ultimately securing the termination of Britney Spears’ highly controversial conservatorship, which had been in place for over a decade. 


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