Britney Spears makes cryptic reference to ‘Beauty & The Beast’

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Britney Spears recalled the year 2007 when she shaved her head off and was sent to conservatorship a year later

Britney Spears makes cryptic reference to ‘Beauty & The Beast’
Britney Spears makes cryptic reference to ‘Beauty & The Beast’

Britney Spears recently confirmed her fans’ suspicions about a confusing situation in her life, describing it as “beyond comprehension.”

The 41-year-old singer acknowledged her following’s concerns and admitted that they are “100% right.”

In a recent post, Britney shared a clip from Disney’s 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast and linked it to the challenges she detailed in her memoir The Woman In Me, hinting at ongoing difficulties in her current life.

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In a lengthy note, she penned: “I started writing my book two years ago and in those moments in my personal life, I kept to myself !!! Not only was my personal life kept secret, but it felt equivalent to 20 years of hard times that I wrote about in my book !!!”

“Can you imagine a 2007 that lasted for three years that nobody even knows about??? It’s over now and I’m incredibly sad about those times !!!” the Toxic crooner continued.

The infamous year is known for the time when Britney shaved her hair off which prompted her father Jamie Spears to put her under a conservatorship, which lasted for 14 years.

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Britney confirmed her conservatorship ended in 2021 after her fans had launched a Free Britney movement.

She further wrote: “They [fans] always have a suspicion that something’s going on !!!! Well guess what Britney nerds … you were 100 percent right !!!, I don’t have time to speak about any of it because at this particular moment it’s beyond comprehension !!!”


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