BTS RM splits ARMYs over 'controversial' post

BTS RM splits ARMYs over ‘controversial’ post

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Photo BTS RM aka Namjoon
Photo BTS RM aka Namjoon

On 11th November 2023, the leader of BTS band, RM aka Namjoon shared a snap of him smoking with his friend in public on Instagram.

After a while, the post was deleted by the K-pop idol. Nonetheless, this picture made headlines on the social media.

In this controversial capture, RM sported a puffer jacket as he smoked a cigarette, while looking right in the eye of camera.

A friend of RM was also featured standing next to him in the image. He gestured at RM’s head as the duo smoked along. The smoking party was clad in black.

While this alleged smoking habit of RM has left many of his fans disappointed in him, the loyal BTS ARMYs highlighted that smoking is allowed for adults and is not a crime.

A fan criticized the 29-year-old rapper saying, “This is the same person by the way… Call it Kim Namjoon and his duality, or call it his true colours coming out. Either way, we are disappointed in you RM Namjooning in 2023 is Joon smoking with his men. I refunded my 032 magazine, you don’t have my support. Smoke.”

Another quipped, “I refunded my RM O32 magazine and threw out my Indigo album and photo cards and everything that I had.”

In contrary to these hateful comments, many BTS ARMYs backed Namjoon claiming that he is not the only one to smoke.

Moreover, they marked that smoking is a matter of personal choice.


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