Camilla turned out a ‘disappointment’ as Queen to British monarchy

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Camilla turned out a disappointment as Queen to British monarchy
Camilla turned out a ‘disappointment’ as Queen to British monarchy

Queen Camilla failed to prove herself worthy of her Royal title after her husband Charles became the King of Britain following Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Camilla turned out a “disappointment,” claimed a former royal butler who worked for Charles’ first wife, the late Princess Diana.

Speaking with GB News, Paul Burrell commented that he feels Camilla never wanted to be the Queen, noting that getting the title is her life’s biggest “dilemma.”

“I think she’s been very quiet,” he said of her role as the new Queen. “I think she’s been in the scenery, she’s been in the sidelines. She’s been there to keep Charles on track I think.”

“I don’t think she really wants to be Queen,” he noted. “I think she’s just landed this role because she loves the man who happens to be king.”

“So you know, it’s a dilemma for her. It always will be a dilemma for her and the more she can keep out of the limelight.

“I think better for her because she will have much a much more rewarding life staying in the sidelines and not front centre.”


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