First indigenous Oscar winner Buffy Sainte-Marie’s identity under scrutiny: Report

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First indigenous Oscar winner Buffy Sainte-Maries identity under scrutiny: Report
First indigenous Oscar winner Buffy Sainte-Marie’s identity under scrutiny: Report

Buffy Sainte-Marie, the Oscar-winning songwriter has caught herself in a controversy as her indigenous identity is being questioned by a Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

Buffy Sainte-Marie’s identity claims

The singer, who has the honour of being the first indigenous-born Oscar winner for co-writing the song Up Where We Belong, has long claimed that she was born in the Piapot Cree reservation in 1941 in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. 

As per the Canadian government policy known as the Sixties Scoop, the singer was adopted by white parents.

CBC report on Buffy’s identity

According to Variety Magazine, Buffy’s identity has been questioned in a report published by CBC on Friday.

The report states the singer’s family members believe that Buffy’s story is an elaborate fabrication. It claims that Buffy’s birth certificate reveals that she was born to parents of European ancestry.

Buffy’s response to CBC’s report

Buffy responded to the claims made in CBC’s report via a written and video statement.

The songstress said, “I am proud of my Indigenous-American family and the deep ties I have to Canada and my Piapot family. My Indigenous identity is rooted in a deep connection to a community that has had a profound role in shaping my life and my work. ”

Buffy added, “I am proud to have been able to speak up for indigenous issues.” 


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