Jamie Lynn gives Britney Spears another reason for ‘disappointment’ after quitting?

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Jamie Lynn Spears’, who has just stepped down from ‘Im a Celebrity’, new puzzling antic after show exit exposed

Photo Jamie Lynn gives Britney Spears another reason for disappointment?
Photo Jamie Lynn gives Britney Spears another reason for ‘disappointment’?

Jamie Lynn Spears has taken another step that would seemingly disappoint her elder sister Britney Spears, who is an American popstar.

Earlier, Daily Mail reported that the Toxic hitmaker was “disappointed” in Jamie Lynn Spears for behaving ‘unprofessionally’ on the show.

The unprofessional behavior referred to here is regarding Jamie stepping down from Im a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! which is a reality show broadcasted by ITV.

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Elaborating on the matter a source close to Britney quipped, “ Britney is disappointed, but nothing surprises her anymore when it comes to her family’s unprofessional behavior.”

Now, another report from the publication has revealed a new ‘shady’ antic exhibited by the American actress.

After coming back from the show, the 32-year-old actress was allegedly quick to connect with her fellow campmates, which she now considers as “family”, on social media.

Nonetheless, Britney’s sister has seemingly shunned two of her fellow celebrities, namely Nigel Farage and Nella Rose.

Because the accounts of these two contestants of the reality TV show have not  been followed by the Zoey 101 actress.


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