Kate Middleton’s uncle lifts lid on 'desperate’ Meghan Markle’s nature

Kate Middleton’s uncle lifts lid on ‘desperate’ Meghan Markle’s nature

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Kate Middleton’s uncle finally lifts the lid off of what he thinks Meghan Markle is really like

Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has stepped forward to offer his thoughts on the accusations his niece, Kate Middleton has been struggling against, since Omid Scobie’s Endgame released.

All of this occurred in a new piece for the Daily Mail, and in it, Mr Goldsmith clapped back against the ‘cold’ image Kate has been reduced to.

He started by saying, “[Omid Scobie] suggests that Kate was unwelcoming to her future sister-in-law and spent more time talking about her than to her, but I suspect cultural differences were at play.”

In his eyes, “For me, Meghan is too rumbustious and desperate to be the centre of attention.”

Whereas “Kate will generally put people at ease, make them feel relaxed, and try to make them feel important.”

So “it’s a superpower which is very difficult to pull off when you have a Zebedee character bouncing about demanding special treatment and the spotlight.”

“Relationships need time to develop. It does not mean that Kate is cold or frosty.”

To those who know her, “she is very welcoming, has a loving heart and a warmth about her. But realistically, she would also naturally be reserved meeting someone new for the first time.”

But “in Scobie’s ‘Meghan good, Kate bad’ world there seems no room for this kind of nuance.”

Kate’s uncle also added, “In one passage he drips yet more poison on Kate while elevating Meghan with a saccharine reference to the latter’s ‘outgoing nature and leadership potential’, and describing them as ‘qualities for which Kate isn’t known’.”

“In another reference he seems to be trying to claim Kate even owes her style to her sister-in-law, saying she transformed her wardrobe ‘into more relaxed, business-casual attire’ chosen by the Californian duchess.”

Before concluding Mr Goldsmith also added, “Even Megxit, which was so damaging to the monarchy and put Kate, William and their young family under enormous strain — and, of course, required them to take on the patronages vacated by the Sussexes when they flounced off — is seen by Scobie as an example of the muppets in Montecito actively helping the Waleses.”


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