Kelly Clarkson slams NFL's Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance drama

Kelly Clarkson slams NFL’s Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance drama

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Kelly Clarkson slams NFLs Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance drama
Kelly Clarkson slams NFL’s Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce romance drama

Kelly Clarkson is urging NFL announcers and fans to shift their attention back to the game itself and away from the swirling buzz surrounding pop sensation Taylor Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

Clarkson, voiced her concerns during an episode of her show on Friday, while interviewing Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang. The 41-year-old singer emphasized how the growing celebrity coupling has begun to overshadow the actual sports coverage. 

“It’s not hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now,” lamented the singer.

Kelly Clarkson didn’t hold back in her criticism of the recent game coverage, stating, “It’s like you’re watching Housewives while you’re watching, and they’re just talking about gossip things, and you’re like, ‘So what about the play?'”

Ever since Taylor Swift, 33, made an appearance at the Chiefs vs. Bears game on September 24, there has been a noticeable surge in NFL viewership. Her devoted fan base, known as the Swifties, has been eagerly tuning in to catch a glimpse of the superstar in one of the skyboxes.

The NFL appears to recognize the value of this star-studded association, even going so far as to change its name on the social media platform “X” (formerly known as Twitter) to “NFL (Taylor’s Version).”

Bowen Yang, who shared his experience of the unexpected ‘Trayvis’ appearance on SNL last weekend, echoed Clarkson’s sentiments. “It was so wild. We didn’t expect them to come,” the comedian explained. 

“I round the corner, they’re at the page desk, and I’m like, ‘Oh, there’s two of the tallest people I’ve ever seen. Who are they?'” He continued, “And then I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness, wow, it’s them! OK, they’re here,’ and it was wild.”

Bowen also revealed himself as a fan of Taylor Swift’s, having attended one of her sold-out Eras concerts.

As the NFL enjoys this surge in viewership fueled by celebrity fascination, Kelly Clarkson’s plea serves as a reminder to keep the spotlight on the game, where the real action takes place.


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