Kelly Ripa brands ‘Riverdale’s ‘Mark Consuelos’ a lying gaslighter

Kelly Ripa brands ‘Riverdale’s ‘Mark Consuelos’ a lying gaslighter

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Kelly Ripa brands ‘Riverdale’s ‘Mark Consuelos’ a lying gaslighter
Kelly Ripa brands ‘Riverdale’s ‘Mark Consuelos’ a lying gaslighter

Kelly Ripa has just taken on Mark Consuelos on live TV for “lying and gaslighting” her.

The reason for the duo’s fight has been about who the better driver is, between the two.

The topic arose once Mark started by posing a candid question about buying an RV and said, “In all honestly, could you or would you drive it? Would you want to back one up?”

Kelly looked around for a while at that moment and got candid before saying, “I would learn how to drive an RV.”

After all “My dad, let me remind you, was a bus driver for New Jersey Transit for 30 years, so I believe –”

At this point Kelly got cut off by Mark who added, “my dad, uh, my dad worked for the Defense Department.”

Volumes also started increasing at this point and caused Kelly to clap back by saying, “And you were in the military!”

Mark responded again with the same intensity at that point and said, “What your dad and my dad did has nothing to do with you being able to drive!”

He also added, “You’re not the best driver, sweetie. You do a lot of things well, but you also don’t…drive well.”

Before singing off the duo shifted the conversation to their garage door which Mark “ripped off”.

“Lightning’s gonna come down,” Mark joked after Kelly’s call out but she quickly turned to the audience as well, who started clapping for him.

“Before you applaud him, I want you to know that he’s completely lying in front of you,” she said.

“We’re all being gaslit. Ripped the whole side of our garage door off!” And also, when you pulled in, you didn’t stop! You were like…”

All Mark had to answer this with was the words, “agree to disagree. Mic drop.”

That was not the end to their converastion though, because Kelly quipped back saying, “He’s lying! Double mic drop!”


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