King Charles refuses to go ‘one on one’ with Prince Harry

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King Charles refuses to go ‘one on one’ with Prince Harry
King Charles refuses to go ‘one on one’ with Prince Harry

Experts believe King Charles has a hidden motive for not wanting to go head-to-head against Prince Harry on his level.

Claims of this nature have been brought to light by royal historian and commentator Dr. Ed Owens.

He broke all of this down in one of his interviews with GB News.

During the course of that converastion he referenced the ‘low blows’ King Charles has had to endure over the years.

In the eyes of Dr. Owens, “All they can do is carry on in a dignified manner” because “If the royal family wants to come to light with any new story, this might prove that Harry and Meghan’s complaints about the family were true.”

For those unversed, “Harry said that there were members of the family that were essentially briefing against him. Now, what the remaining members of the House of Windsor don’t want to do is to have those stories proven true by behaving in some way where they’re found out.”

This comes despite the fact that “Harry and Meghan have engaged in several kinds of low blows.”

Still, “the royal family must not deign to the low-blow strategy adopted by Harry and Meghan.”

In the end “The royal family has to maintain a dignified presence as much as possible in all these matters.”

Not to mention “responding to Harry and Meghan is only going to increase the sensationalism around the stories.”


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