King Charles unlikely to tender apology in Kenya

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King Charles unlikely to tender an apology in Kenya
King Charles unlikely to tender an apology in Kenya 

King Charles paid a solemn visit Tuesday to the birthplace of independent Kenya, at the start of a trip clouded by calls for an apology over Britain´s bloody colonial past.

He faces widespread calls for an apology for abuses committed during colonial rule.

Although Kenya´s government has said talks will focus on environmental issues, technology, innovation and women´s empowerment, demands for an apology have dominated public discourse in recent days.

Buckingham Palace has said the king will address historic “wrongs” during decades of colonial rule.

The  King is not expected to tender an apology for his country’s colonial past.

It is the 74-year-old British head of state´s first tour of an African and Commonwealth nation since becoming king last year and comes just weeks before Kenya celebrates the 60th anniversary of independence in December.

Kenya bears special resonance for the royal family.

It is the country where Queen Elizabeth II — then a princess — learned in 1952 of the death of her father, King George VI, marking the start of her historic 70-year reign.

Charles has previously made three official visits and this week´s tour is being staged 40 years since his mother´s state visit in November 1983.

The royal programme focuses on efforts to tackle climate change, with Charles long a fervent campaigner for action to protect the environment, as well as support for creative arts, technology and youth.

Another lingering source of tension is the presence of British troops in Kenya, with soldiers accused of rape and murder, and civilians maimed by munitions.

In August, Kenya´s parliament launched an inquiry into the activities of the British army, which has a base near Nanyuki, a town 200 kilometres (120 miles) north of Nairobi.


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