Maluma announces girlfriend Susana's pregnancy in sweet music video for 'Procura'

Maluma announces girlfriend Susana’s pregnancy in sweet music video for ‘Procura’

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Maluma featured girlfriend Susanas pregnancy journey via music video of song Procura
Maluma featured girlfriend Susana’s pregnancy journey via music video of song ‘Procura’

Columbian heartthrob Maluma announced on Thursday that he is preparing to welcome his first baby with his girlfriend Susana Gomez.

The singer left fans in a frenzy when he released the music video for his new song Procura, which documents the couple’s sweet journey of pregnancy.

The Sobrio singer also shared that they’re expecting a baby girl. He also included a sweet scene that featured them seeing their baby for the first time in an ultrasound. The singer was seen covering his mouth in awe. The couple were then seen soaking in the sonogram photos.

The video also features a heartwarming scene where they announce the news to their loved ones. In another scene, the couple is seen having a lavish gender reveal party, where they learn they’re having a girl after the smoke machines explode pink color.

The couple were seen wearing “Paris” necklaces, which seems to be a hint at the name they’ve picked for their baby girl.

Maluma and Suzana began dating in August 2020, after first meeting three years prior for Maluma’s video Felices Los 4.


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