Matthew Perry fans flock to iconic ‘Friends’ location to pay homage

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Matthew Perry fans flock to iconic Friends location to pay homage
Matthew Perry fans flock to iconic ‘Friends’ location to pay homage

Matthew Perry’s demise has Friends fans flocking to the famous location where the hit sitcom was set.

A restaurant called Little Owl, which is located below the iconic apartment building in Greenwich Village, claims that a lot of his fans are leaving bouquets and heartfelt notes at its doorstep.

“People have been coming to the location to show their respect and laying out flowers and candles. While they are there, they decide to stop for a bite,” said a resident.

An insider also shared: “The business is great for the establishment. I just hope it does not become a problem for me to get a table especially for brunch and dinner.”

The attendance comes following Matthew’s death who passed away at the age of 54 after he drowned in his LA home’s jacuzzi because of an alleged heart attack.

Previously, the restaurant had to deal with a huge crowd of people who showed up because of Friends 25th anniversary, in 2019.

Back then, The Post reported that hundreds of fans arrived at the location that was “home” to the show’s beloved characters. The residents also complained blockage of sidewalks and defacing of wall as fans paid their tributes. 


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