Matthew Perry was grateful to THIS ‘Friends’ costar for always reaching out

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Matthew Perry was grateful to THIS Friends costar for always reaching out
Matthew Perry was grateful to THIS ‘Friends’ costar for always reaching out

Matthew Perry once shared the name of the Friends co-star who always reached out to him while he was struggling with addiction.

The 54-year-old actor revealed last year in an interview with People that when he was battling with his drug problem and sobriety, Jennifer Anistion, who played Rachel on the comedy hit, always remained in contact.

“She made the greatest effort to reach out. You know, I’m really grateful to her for that,” said Matthew.

He further disclosed that when his addiction became apparent to his co-stars on the popular sitcom, Jennifer was the first one to talk to him about it.

“Jennifer, she says, ‘We know you’re drinking.’ Imagine how scary a moment that was,” he joked while recalling how he was at the height of his TV fame when addiction took over.

“I should have been the toast of the town, but I was in a dark room meeting with nothing but drug dealers and completely alone,” he continued.

Moreover, he expressed his gratitude for Jennifer and his other co-stars who always made an effort to help him.

Matthew was found dead on Saturday night at his LA home’s jacuzzi. According to the first responders, he drowned following a cardiac arrest.


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