Matthew Perry’s 911 dispatch audio leaks: Shocking details

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Matthew Perrys 911 dispatch audio leaks: Shocking details
Matthew Perry’s 911 dispatch audio leaks: Shocking details

Disturbing details are coming out of the shocking death of Matthew Perry as a frantic dispatch call to 911 on the fateful night appeared in public.

In the roughly 16-second clip, a man frighteningly called the first responders, saying, “rescue 23” and “drowning.”

According to TMZ, the desperate call was made by The Friends star’s assistant as he reported a cardiac arrest. The report also added the scene was clear of any sign of drugs or foul play.

Talking to People, the LAPD spokesman described the emergency, noting that the authorities could not initially confirm the late actor’s identity on the call.

Notably, the deceased previously shared a snippet of his hot tub in his house on his Instagram.

In the post, the comedian posed in his house’s hot tub, which proved to be his final post.

He added an eerie caption to the post, “Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I’m Mattman.”

Matthew was found unresponsive in his L.A home’s jacuzzi. He was 54.  


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