Megan Fox’s Halloween costume raises eyebrows for defying SAG-AFTRA

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Megan Foxs Halloween costume raises eyebrows for defying SAG-AFTRA
Megan Fox’s Halloween costume raises eyebrows for defying SAG-AFTRA

Megan Fox is being slammed for her Halloween costume after SAG-AFTRA had issued a specific statement about it.

A week before the spooky festivities, the union advised the members not to dress up as studio-trademarked characters due to the ongoing rift regarding fair wages.

However, Megan and her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly attended the Casamigos Halloween party dressed up as characters from the Quentin Tarantino’s franchise.

The Jennifer Body’s actor dressed up as the schoolgirl assassin Gogo Yubari whereas the Bad Things singer sported a yellow jumpsuit to look like Uma Thurman’s The Bride character.

After their get ups went viral, actress Lisa Ann Walter wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “What a rebel. Keep posturing for stupid s***, pretty lady.”

Megan drew more flak after she posted the look on her Instagram handle, and tagged the union’s account in her caption.

Ruby Rose pointed out a number of controversies surrounding the Harvey Weinstein film that the couple opted for. 

“The near end of Uma Thurman and a Car accident cover up that lasted decades… The epitome of the power studios can have over actors?! Or .. ?” she wrote. Other commentators also wondered why the 37-year-old actress is “being defiant” to a group that’s fighting for her to make a fair wage.

Actress Paige Mc Garvin also penned how Megan “looks amazing” but she shouldn’t have used her “massive platform” to undermine the union.


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