Meghan Markle’s allowing ‘beef, beef and a side order of beef’ milk the Firm

Meghan Markle’s allowing ‘beef, beef and a side order of beef’ milk the Firm

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Meghan Markle has just been bashed for allowing her biographer to milk the monarchy for ‘axe-grinding money’

Meghan Markle’s allowing ‘beef, beef and a side order of beef’ milk the Firm

Meghan Markle has just been called out for allegedly allowing Omid Scobie to produce a book that aims at milking the Royal Family “for axe-grinding money.”

All of this has been issued by royal commentator Sarah Vine.

She weighed in on everything, during one of her most recent pieces for the Daily Mail.

In the piece she touched on Omid Scobie’s new book titled Endgame.

For those unversed, the book promises “a penetrating investigation into the current state of the British monarchy—an unpopular king, a power-hungry heir to the throne, a queen willing to go to dangerous lengths to preserve her image, and a prince forced to start a new life after being betrayed by his own family.”

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She began the piece by saying, “Scobie’s new book, whose title, Endgame, sounds like some Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise (and who knows, it may yet be one), isn’t on the bookshelves yet and already the salient details are making headlines.”

From news of ‘two’ royal racists to the reason for Meghan’s absence from the Coronation as well as the lack of any appreciation when Prince Harry sent Christmas presents to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids.

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In the words of Ms Vine its “beef, beef and a side order of beef, with loads of lolly for afters.”

Referencing everything she also said, “And that’s the point, isn’t it? The lolly.”

Because “however much people such as Scobie – and, maybe, the Sussexes themselves – might want to frame this book and others like it as noble exercises in truth-telling, the truth is that they are just milking our most famous institution for axe-grinding money.”


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