Olivia Rodrigo almost slashed THIS song from 'Guts' album

Olivia Rodrigo almost slashed THIS song from ‘Guts’ album

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Tate McRae revealed how Olivia Rodrigo almost slashed a famous track from her recent Guts album.

The Canadian songwriter recalled the Traitor crooner being unsure about the song which is one of her favorites from the entire album.

“I was shocked to find out that she even considered removing it,” said Tate in a recent interview with Capital FM.

The 20-year-old songwriter disclosed that it was Pretty Isn’t Pretty that Olivia wanted to ditch because she wasn’t “too happy about it.”

Tate also shared how she and the Good 4 U singer would exchange musical ideas with each other while Guts was in the making.

She recalled: “Olivia would play me these songs and be like, ‘God, I hate it. It’s so awful,’ and I’d be like, ‘Girl, what are you talking about? This is amazing.'”

The singer also discussed the hardships that songwriters have to face while composing new tracks.

“It’s interesting because when songs are still in process, the amount of doubt of, like, ‘Is this an awful song or is this a great song?’ Because you’re, like, so biased,” Tate said.

Olivia released Vampire as the introductory song for the new album in June which peaked the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in the same week.


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