Ozzy Osbourne has ‘given up’ on life

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Ozzy Osbourne has been bounded to a wheel chair following maltreatment of neck & back surgeries

Ozzy Osbourne has ‘given up’ on life

Ozzy Osbourne has reportedly given up on life as he doesn’t plan on getting any surgeries to improve his health.

An insider privy to Radar Online claimed that the ailing singer’s decision comes after he was left crippled by neck and back operations.

“Ozzy has lost count of how many grueling surgeries he’s endured. It’s taken a horrible toll. He was really hopeful his latest surgery in September to repair his spine would be a success, but he’s only had more misery,” the tipster claimed.

The 75-year-old singer is currently bound to a wheelchair because of the injuries caused by an almost fatal 2003 ATV accident.

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Ozzy, who has also been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 2003, said that he knows “it’s a pipe dream” to get better now.

“He dreamed he would get better and be able to take the stage again, but now he’s despondent, knowing it’s just a pipe dream,” the insider claimed.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone UK, Ozzy predicted that he only has 10 years left to live and stated that he is not “afraid of dying.”

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He opened up about his addiction history and overdoses while pointing out how he’s still lucky to be alive, “It’s a major accomplishment.I’ve been doing a lot of reflection while I’ve been laid up, and all my drinking partners, I’ve realized they’re all f***ing dead!”


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