Prince Harry branded worse than royal attackers who aren’t worse than flesh and blood’

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Prince Harry has just been called out for wanting to keep his royal benefits while sitting on royalties

Prince Harry has just been called out for allegedly wanting to keep both the royal title as well as the Royal title from his birth.

Royal commentator Sarah Vine issued these claims against Prince Harry.

It has all been shared in a candid piece for the Daily Mail, and discusses the dangers between Omid Scobie’s book Endgame, vs the past antics of the Duke of Sussex.

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The converastion arose once Ms Vine started calling Prince Harry a “self-destructive Royal” of the highest caliber given his penchant for revealing sensitive information about the Firm.

While she admits there were other royals, namely Princess Diana who helped in the creation of her own memoir, in Prince Harry’s case its “different.”

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“It might be different if Harry was at least honest about this,” she also went on to add, in her bid to elaborate. “But no. He wants it both ways: to be a Royal but also rake in the royalties,” she believes.

“Whereas the likes of Omid Scobie are annoying leeches, Harry is much worse.”

“The people he is using to line his pockets are his own flesh and blood.”

“That is why his betrayal was a dagger in the heart of the late Queen.”

“It is also why he continues to be a great source of agony for his father, the King. And it is why his brother, the Prince of Wales, is rightly furious with him.”


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