Prince Harry, Meghan Markle need radical change to stay afloat

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle need radical change to stay afloat

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Experts warn there are radical changes that need to happen if the Duke of Sussex intends on staying afloat.

Public relations expert Ryan McCormick issued these sentiments.

All of this has been shared to The Mirror during one of their candid chats.

The converastion arose once the PR expert started by referencing Meghan Markle’s character arc and said, “Characters typically have arcs and once they are completed, they need something else to do/grow otherwise they’ll get stale and the show will get boring and viewers will leave.”

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He also lauded the couple’s first five seasons of wanting to “burn down the Royal Family” as original but also added, that any attempts to re-hash it “is only garnering diminishing returns.”

“In closing,” he added that “if the Duke & Duchess were my clients, I would immediately advise them to make radical changes if they wish to change their current public perception trajectory not only in the US but, worldwide.”


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