Rain wreaks havoc in Gwadar, inundates entire coastal town

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Residents forced to leave their houses as urban flooding brings life to halt in Gwadar, with streets, shops completely submerged

  • Senator says thousands of fishermen lost houses and boats.
  • At least seven houses completely destroyed by heavy rains.
  • Two equipped relief teams have been sent to Gwadar: PDMA.

GWADAR: Heavy rains wreaked havoc in Balochistan’s coastal city of Gwadar on Tuesday, bringing life to a halt as water completely submerged roads, streets and houses, disrupting the power transmission system after over 15 hours of downpour, Geo News reported.

A rain-producing system entered the country through Balochistan on February 25, under which parts of the province and upper areas were expected to receive heavy downpours and windstorms from today. 

The rainwater entered houses and shops, driving people out of their shelters. Videos showed the entire coastal town heavily inundated with rainwater gushing down on the roads and vehicles making their way through knee-deep water.

At least seven houses were reportedly demolished, while a large number of others had been partially affected.

Revealing the locals’ misery to Geo News, Senator Kohda Babar said that the entire old town in Gwadar has submerged in up to 2 to 3 feet of water after the heavy rain, which was still pounding the city.

“The water has entered the houses and people don’t even have a place to sleep,” he added.

Babar also said that the last time such a situation arose was in 2010 but the government doesn’t take a follow-up after any such situation.

“There is no one to tell about or ask after us,” he said while thanking Geo News for reporting the disastrous situation in the port city.

He requested the authorities concerned, especially the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), to “have mercy” and come to the locals’ help.

He further stated that thousands of fishermen have lost their houses and boats due to flooding.

When asked about how the people are responding to the situation, Babar said that some people were shifting to their relatives present outside the town, while the local administration was also making some effort within its authority.

However, there is no response from the Balochistan government or the government of Pakistan, he lamented.

The senator further said that the district or divisional administration would not be able to facilitate such a big population. “Who will compensate for the heavy losses suffered by the locals,” he asked.

Calling for the area to be declared calamity-stricken, Babar demanded the government to make sure that the affected people would be compensated for their losses.

Meanwhile, Gwadar deputy commissioner (DC) said the heavy showers had stopped for a while.

Speaking about the situation in Gwadar, the official said that the internal arteries in the city have been inundated but the road connecting Gwadar to Turbat and Karachi is still available for travelling. 

PDMA Director General Jahanzaib Khan told Geo News that he is in contact with the Gwadar DC regarding the situation and two teams equipped with dewatering machines and boats have been sent to the town.

He said that temporary shelter tents and other goods will be sent immediately if asked by the DC. 

Meanwhile, a Balochistan MPA said that rescue efforts had started after over 15 hours of rain. He said that the situation in the city was terrible with up to 6 feet of water standing on the ground. 

The latest weather advisory issued by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) today has forecast rains, thunder and hailstorms in most parts of the country and snowfall in hilly areas, starting February 29 till March 2, under a new westerly wave.  

“Heavy rainfall may generate flash floods and heavy snowfall may disrupt daily life in vulnerable areas,” the advisory had warned. 

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