Rihanna fears she will have to raise her kids alone amid A$AP Rocky trial

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Rihanna shares two sons, RZA and Riot Rose, with rapper A$AP Rocky who is facing jail time in criminal case

Rihanna fears she will become a “single mom” as her beau and father of her kids, A$AP Rocky, faces jail time after being accused of firing a semiautomatic handgun at former friend A$AP Relli.

The Diamonds hitmaker, who was reportedly planning to tie the knot with the rapper, trying to “stay calm” while hoping Rocky would not go to prison.

Speaking with Heat Magazine, a source close to the singer said RiRi is “terrified” to raising her sons, RZA and Riot Rose, alone in absence of their father.

The outlet revealed that the lawyers of the Rocky are assuring the global sensation that they will keep Rocky out of the jail.

“But it’s pretty hard when everyone had assured her this wouldn’t even go to trial. He’s facing nine years, and she’s terrified right now,” the insider said.

“If the worst happens and they want to make an example of him, she’ll be raising her two kids alone,” the source shared, adding, “It’s a total nightmare and not something Rihanna ever thought she’d face.”

“She’s so stressed out and losing sleep over this,” the insider added.

Meanwhile, Rocky’s “incredibly stressed out” about his future too. “He’s in legal meetings all day and is in a terrible mood – it’s all just a mess,” the tipster said.

“Rihanna wants to do what she can to help him through this, but she’s pretty much powerless.”


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