‘Stranger Things’ producer breaks silence on ‘de-aging’ season 5 characters

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Stranger Things producer breaks silence on de-aging season 5 characters
‘Stranger Things’ producer breaks silence on ‘de-aging’ season 5 characters

Stranger Things producer has come forward with a much-needed clarification to avoid backlash from the on-going SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Shawn Levy confirmed that the younger cast members in season 5 of the Netflix hit won’t be subjected to artificial intelligence de-aging technologies. Moreover, he shared that the latest installment has been scripted but the filming is yet to begin.

The concerns have been mounting since the release of season 3, which came out two years after season 2, and again in season 4, which came out three years later.

In an interview with Deadline, the Canadian producer debunked claims of the production using technology to alter the cast’s appearance due to the years-long delay between filming.

While expressing admiration for the new virtual tool, he assured that the production doesn’t plan on using it for coming-of-age tale and affirmed his trust in the show’s makeup and costume department to do the job.

He concluded that making the characters of Eleven, Will, Dustin, and the other younger actors will prove “to be more distracting” than having them just look older than they did in the last season. 


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