Will Smith wife Jada Pinkett sets eyes on Tom Cruise in shocking twist

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Will Smith wife Jada Pinkett sets eyes on Tom Cruise in shocking twist
Will Smith wife Jada Pinkett sets eyes on Tom Cruise in shocking twist

Jada Pinkett Smith is reportedly trying to grab the attention of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise after separation from Will Smith, her husband of 26 years.

An insider revealed that the Red Table Talk show host is on a hunt of a new A-list romantic partner and believes the Mission: Impossible star is the right fit.

Meanwhile, Cruise is also reported to be finding himself a “new leading lady.” Hence, it makes the situation for the both of them perfect to initiate a new relationship.

“Jada has always raved about Tom being a true genius as well as one of the finest looking men she ever laid eyes on,” the tipster told National Enquirer.

“They have a really strong bond,” the insider said, revealing that they have remained in touch ever since they worked in action movie Collateral. “But the timing’s never been right for romance.”

“But now that she and Will’s split is out in the open and Tom’s looking for a new leading lady, it makes a lot of sense,” the source continued.

In her bombshell memoir Worthy, she raved about Tom Cruise and how the megastar gave her the courage to face her fears while they filmed the 2004 action thriller.

Moreover, Jada, who surprised her fans by disclosing that she and Will have been living separately for seven years, has shown an interest in Scientology, a religion with Tom Cruise as one of its prominent figures.

Despite Jada’s claim that she is not a member of the church, she has embraced Scientology’s Basic Study Manual while homeschooling her and Will’s children, son Jaden and daughter Willow.

“Surprisingly single Tom needs to find someone who’s supportive of his religion and not intimidated by his success — and Jada totally fits the bill,” the insider noted.

The source went on to add that Jada and Tom “share a lot of the same interests,” saying, “They’re both huge adrenaline junkies who love driving fast cars and motorcycles and skydiving.”

“And Tom is one of the few people who understand how she has to live her life because of her fame.”


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