Zayn Malik shakes up the 'drink game' with Mixoloshe's mocktail

Zayn Malik shakes up the ‘drink game’ with Mixoloshe’s mocktail

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Zayn Malik shakes up the drink game with Mixoloshes mocktail
Zayn Malik shakes up the ‘drink game’ with Mixoloshe’s mocktail 

Zayn Malik, the 30-year-old musician and former One Direction member, is venturing into the world of non-alcoholic beverages. 

On Tuesday, Malik announced his partnership with Mixoloshe, an alcohol-free drink brand, in an exclusive release to PEOPLE. As the Chief Creative Officer and co-owner, he announced, “The non-alcoholic beverage market is ready for disruption.”

Mixoloshe, a female-founded brand, offers seven other non-alcoholic canned cocktails, including a tropical smoky margarita and blueberry gin and tonic. They also feature alcohol-free tequila, gin, and whiskey in their product line.

With the aim to redefine the beverage industry with non-alcoholic drinks, Malik stated, “We see consumers already shifting preferences towards healthier and alcohol-free alternatives, which provides an opportunity for a brand like Mixoloshe to redefine this industry.”

To mark the occasion, he unveiled his very first mocktail creation – the lychee martini. Described as “sweet, floral, and slightly tropical,” the lychee martini maintains the brand’s commitment to using real ingredients.

The beverage’s can design, inspired by Malik’s tattoos, features exact replicas of some of his ink, including the prominent “ZAP!” tattoo on his arm.

Malik chose Turks & Caicos as the backdrop for an edgy promotional campaign, where he can be seen sipping on the lychee martini by the water. 

In addition to the lychee martini, Mixoloshe offers seven other canned non-alcoholic cocktails, such as the tropical smoky margarita and blueberry gin and tonic. 


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