30 Best Candle Business Stores on Etsy

30 Best Candle Business Stores on Etsy

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Americans spend more than $3 billion on candles each year, so the prospects for launching a successful candle making business appear bright.

Indeed, this high demand for candles makes it a potentially lucrative opportunity for those contemplating embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

Some innovative individuals have been able to turn this hobby into a profitable venture, operating right from the comfort of their homes. Their handmade creations can then be showcased at local arts and crafts fairs, or even sold to brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Additionally, online marketplace platforms, such as Etsy, provide an immediate, global audience for homemade goods, thus offering a quick start to your business.

To learn more about selling on Etsy, read: How to Start an Etsy Shop

Criteria for Evaluating the Top Candle Businesses on Etsy

When selecting standout candle businesses on Etsy, we focus on a spectrum of criteria to ensure that our recommendations cater to a variety of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors we consider and a scale of importance from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most crucial:

  1. Product Quality (5/5):
    • Wax type (soy, paraffin, beeswax, etc.)
    • Fragrance authenticity and strength
    • Burn time and consistency
    • Wick material
  2. Brand Reputation (4/5):
    • Customer reviews and ratings
    • Response to customer feedback
    • Transparency in business practices
  3. Presentation and Packaging (3/5):
    • Aesthetic appeal of the candles
    • Quality and sustainability of packaging
    • Unboxing experience
  4. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (4/5):
    • Distinctiveness in the market
    • Innovation in product design or function
    • Customization options
  5. Pricing and Value (4/5):
    • Cost comparison with similar products
    • Shipping costs and policies
    • Discounts or loyalty programs
  6. Environmental and Social Responsibility (3/5):
    • Use of eco-friendly materials
    • Ethical sourcing of ingredients
    • Support for social causes
  7. Customer Service (5/5):
    • Responsiveness to inquiries
    • Flexibility in accommodating requests
    • Return and exchange policies

By evaluating each Etsy candle business against these criteria, we ensure a well-rounded assessment that aligns with the diverse needs and values of our audience.

Candle Businesses on Etsy

If you’re intrigued by the idea of establishing a business centered around candle making, be it from your home or a small studio, one useful strategy is to seek inspiration from successful players in the market.

A number of candle businesses have managed to carve out a unique space for themselves on Etsy, the famed online marketplace, with their innovative and creative offerings.

1. Frostbeard

Frostbeard is full of soy candles made for book lovers. Scents include unique options like Sherlock Study and Oxford Library. Owners Roxie and Tom Lubanovic started the business selling ceramics back in 2012. But they eventually shifted to candles after Roxie was unable to find bookish products elsewhere online.

2. 2 Sisters Candle Co.

The 2 Sisters Candle Co is a business that sells soy candles in various scents, like pumpkin black raspberry vanilla, ocean, and cinnamon stick. And the company is run by — you guessed it: two sisters.

Lynda Holden and her twin sister Laura started and run the business together while also babysitting their grandkids.

Holden told Small Business Trends, “We started making candles for ourselves and to give as gifts. When our local animal shelter (in Texas) had an auction, we made a bunch of candles to sell to profit the animal shelter. We sold all the candles and kept getting requests to make more. Whaala!”

3. Grand Candles

Grand Candles keeps their shop relatively simple. The candle making business features soy wax in a single sized jar. Scents include combinations like coconut + lime and lilac + rose.

4. Baum Designs

Baum Designs sells candles along with other gift items like signs and coasters. The candle you buy can be personalized. And many offer a dose of humor. For example, one reads “light when [name] farts.”

5. OUU Shop

OUU Shop offers soy candles and other personalized favors like honey jars and wax melts. Products include a minimalist design. But some sets can also be personalized, like adding a couple’s names and wedding date to use as favors for guests.

6. New Moon Beginnings

New Moon Beginnings offers candles, crystals, incense, jewelry, and similar items in its business. The candles are infused with crystals to provide a beautiful look and unique energy.

7. Name of Candle Business

The Canary’s Nest offers soy candles and wax melts made in South Georgia. The candle making business offers classic scents as well as seasonal options. For example, in the fall, the shop features products like apple cider donuts and pecan pumpkin.

8. Modern Forestry

Modern Forestry specializes in mason jar candles and wax melts. The business has a generally rustic feel with cedar wicks and designs inspired by the forest. Scents include things like maple bourbon and honeysuckle.

9. Sandy Land Studio

Sandy Land Studio offers soy candles, soaps, and bath salts. The candles in this business are sold in glass jars and tealights. They include scents like magnolia and sandalwood and come in a variety of colors.

10. Mia’s Co.

Mia’s Co. shop features the tagline, “a candle for every memory.” Scents include classics like grapefruit and lavender. And each jar is numbered and comes with a modern design.

11. Mind Your Own Beeswax LLC

Mind Your Own Beeswax sells — you guessed it: beeswax candles. The candle making business sells candles in sets like their self-care package. They also offer wholesale orders if you want to start selling candles in your business.

12. Anchored Northwest

Anchored Northwest sells rustic candles with wood wicks and unique containers. The business doesn’t just sell candles on Etsy. They also have wholesale accounts with various retailers, selling candles in more than 300 locations around the U.S. and Canada.

Owners Brian and Megan offered the following tips to prospective candle sellers, “We have worked countless hours over the past 2 years, but found that photography is key. Never be afraid to give away a product for free or in exchange for exposure. And finally…develop a wholesale business that will get you in front of many different boutiques, gift shops, et. Abound and Faire are great places to start.

They added, “Be sure your product is different from everyone else’s. For us, wood wicks and our fun, unique candle names have set us apart. Not to mention our widely popular and rarely seen Rustic Vintage container.”

13. Get a Whiff Co.

Get a Whiff Co. offers wood wick candles that come with a rustic design. Many include fairly masculine or woodsy fragrances like tobacco & honey and leather & smoke.

14. Cesarah’s Creations

Cesarah’s Creations offers soy candles with a unique twist. Each comes in a glass jar. But in addition to the soy and wick, they include extras accents. For example, the pumpkin spice candle includes small pieces of cinnamon stick, herbs, and crystals.

15. Mainely Candles

Mainely Candles specializes in soy wax candles from Maine. The candle making business is mainly full of seasonal scents like Maine Maple Sunday and Autumn Harvest.

candle business

16. Bluewine Studio

Bluewine Studio’s candles go beyond the simple glass jars or containers. Some are shaped into molds like seashells. Others contain little decorations like cereal pieces in the shop’s cereal scented candles.

17. Embers and Roots

Embers and Roots offers ethical soy candles in amber glass jars. Each one can come with a personalized message, like those for birthdays or weddings.

18. Bees Light Candles

Bees Light Candles offers beeswax candles. The product line includes pillar candles, tealights, and those shaped into unique items like pinecones.

19. Alder and Loam

Alder and Loam offers soy candles with minimalist designs. Scents include simple options like rose, woods, and lavender.

20. Cosmic Moon Sisters

Cosmic Moon Sisters specializes in candles with a magical twist. Some include galaxy colors. Others come in apothecary jars. And some are even infused with flowers.

21. Always Rich Creations

Always Rich Creations offers soy candles in various collections, from Key West delight to fresh linen. The candles are colorful as well as scented.

22. Wax on Fire

Wax on Fire offers soy wax candles with a humorous twist. Some also include messages for special occasions, like weddings and birthdays. For example, some include “will you be my bridesmaid?” messages.

23. Wildflower By Anna

Wildflower By Anna includes an array of sustainable products, including candles, skincare products, and soap. The candle making business owner simply creates products she’d like to see on store shelves.

She told Small Business Trends, “I have always been on the lookout for sustainable products but they were often too expensive so I took upon myself to research and create the types of products I love, that are sustainable, beautiful and affordable and I’ve been overwhelmed by how they’ve been received by customers.”

24. Craft Aromas

Craft Aromas offers soy candles inspired by nature. They include wood wicks and frosted glass jars. The product line includes scents like lavender nightshade and heirloom pumpkin.

25. Ordinary Day Studio

Ordinary Day Studio has candles inspired by mood and art. The product line includes options like amber sandalwood tobacco and Kentucky bourbon. Products can also be personalized. And the shop also sells DIY kits.

26. Bubble Yum Candles

Bubble Yum Candles offers candles, lip balm, wax melts, and room sprays. Some products include lifelike shapes like cinnamon buns. Others are infused with extras like bubblegum.

27. Wax Farm Candles

Wax Farm Candles offers jar candles made with essential oils. Each jar is wrapped with a printed design to make them stand out visually.

28. Sixth Spice

Sixth Spice sells eco-friendly natural products, including candles and skincare. The product line includes scents like lavender and lemon and roses in the woods.

29. Green Earth Stones

Green Earth Stones offers handcrafted candles and crystals. The scents include options like dragon’s blood and raven to go with the theme of the shop.

30. Peace Organics

Peace Organics provides soy candle and gift boxes with a magical twist. The jars include visuals like skulls and birds rather than simple labels that include the scent of each candle.

To give you a clearer picture of the 30 candle-making businesses discussed above, here’s a quick summary of the information:

No. Business Name Special Features
1 Frostbeard Book-themed soy candles, unique scents (e.g. Sherlock Study, Oxford Library)
2 2 Sisters Candle Co. Various scents of soy candles, run by two sisters
3 Grand Candles Soy candles in single-sized jars, unique scent combinations
4 Baum Designs Personalizable humorous candles, along with other gift items
5 OUU Shop Minimalist designed soy candles, personalized wedding favors
6 New Moon Beginnings Candles infused with crystals, along with other spiritual items
7 The Canary’s Nest Classic and seasonal scents of soy candles and wax melts
8 Modern Forestry Mason jar candles, rustic feel, cedar wicks, forest-inspired designs
9 Sandy Land Studio Soy candles, soaps, bath salts, variety of scents and colors
10 Mia’s Co. A candle for every memory”, classic scents, modern design
11 Mind Your Own Beeswax LLC Beeswax candles, self-care packages, wholesale orders
12 Anchored Northwest Rustic candles with wood wicks, unique containers, wholesale accounts
13 Get a Whiff Co. Wood wick candles, rustic design, masculine scents
14 Cesarah’s Creations Unique soy candles in glass jars with extras (e.g. cinnamon stick, herbs)
15 Mainely Candles Specializes in seasonal scents of soy wax candles from Maine
16 Bluewine Studio Uniquely shaped candles (e.g. seashells, cereal pieces)
17 Embers and Roots Ethical soy candles in amber glass jars, personalized messages
18 Bees Light Candles Beeswax candles in various shapes and sizes
19 Alder and Loam Minimalist designed soy candles, simple scents
20 Cosmic Moon Sisters Magical, infused, and apothecary jar candles
21 Always Rich Creations Colorful, scented soy candles in various collections
22 Wax on Fire Humorous soy candles with special occasion messages
23 Wildflower By Anna Sustainable products including candles, skincare, and soap
24 Craft Aromas Nature-inspired soy candles with wood wicks in frosted glass jars
25 Ordinary Day Studio Mood and art inspired candles, personalized, sells DIY kits
26 Bubble Yum Candles Lifelike shaped candles, lip balm, wax melts, room sprays
27 Wax Farm Candles Essential oil candles in visually appealing jars
28 Sixth Spice Eco-friendly natural products including candles and skincare
29 Green Earth Stones Handcrafted candles and crystals with thematic scents
30 Peace Organics Soy candles in visually appealing jars and gift boxes

candle business

How do I start a candle business?

The initial phase of setting up any business involves careful strategic planning. The first critical step is to identify a specific niche and devise a compelling name that helps your brand to stand out amidst the competition.

For instance, some enterprises focus on producing eco-friendly candles, while others cater to specialized markets such as weddings, crafting decorative candles for centerpieces.

Alternatively, you can add a humorous twist to your products by giving your candles quirky, amusing names.

The key is to find a name that encapsulates the essence of your product offerings. Once you’ve zeroed in on a name, the next steps include:

  • Securing a dedicated website
  • Establishing an Etsy page
  • Creating social media profiles for your burgeoning candle business

candle making business

Apart from the digital and branding aspects, the tangible side of your business requires sourcing the requisite raw materials for candle manufacturing.

These could encompass a variety of items like soy, beeswax, gel, wicks, fragrance oils, dyes, glass jars, labels, and packaging supplies.

Once your setup is ready, it’s time to experiment, practice, and refine your candle making techniques. This phase will see you developing a unique line of scented candles or specific themed products.

The convenience of running a candle making business is that it can be operated from a home kitchen or a small home office.

The process typically requires a stovetop for melting the soy or wax, and your kitchen countertop could easily double up as your manufacturing line.

The subsequent phase involves setting up your sales outlets – this could be your Etsy shop, your dedicated website, or other potential points of sale.

One approach could involve scouting local gift shops to establish wholesale partnerships, or exploring annual craft fairs as potential sales avenues. A multi-channel sales strategy ensures wider reach.

Alongside, don’t forget to actively market your business via social media, online advertisements, and strategically promoted product listings.

Another critical aspect is branding your candles with a catchy logo and attractive design elements.

As your business grows, the operational aspect will require systems for efficient financial management, regular updating of product listings, and continuous production to maintain an adequate inventory.

Further, given the delicate nature of your products, an investment in sturdy shipping supplies will ensure that your candles reach your customers in perfect condition.

Business owners can learn even more about starting a candle business at the links below:

How much does it cost to make a candle?

The exact cost of candle making depends on the supplies you choose, the quality of those materials, and the quantity you’re planning to produce. Generally, the cost can be broken down into components such as wax, wicks, containers, fragrances, and coloring.

Let’s take a closer look at these factors. On average, wax, which forms the bulk of the candle, can cost between $2 to $7 per pound, depending on the type (e.g., soy, paraffin, beeswax) and where you source it.

Wicks are relatively inexpensive, often priced at under $0.10 each. Containers can range widely, from $0.50 for simple glass jars to $3 or more for premium or custom-designed containers.

Fragrances and colorants vary depending on their quality and the concentration you prefer. High-quality essential oils, for example, can be quite pricey, but they are highly concentrated and can last a long time.

A single bottle might cost anywhere from $5 to $20, but keep in mind, only a few drops are needed for each candle.

So, in summary, making one candle may cost around $5 to $6 when crafting individually.

However, this cost can be significantly reduced by buying your supplies in bulk. If you purchase enough products to create a batch of 12 or more candles, each one may only cost around $0.50 to produce.

Additionally, home candle making allows business owners to control overhead costs, adding to the cost-efficiency of the venture.

candle business

Can you make good money selling candles?

Yes, the potential to make a significant profit exists in selling candles, especially if you’ve worked on building a unique, high-quality product and priced it correctly.

It’s important to note that the profitability of your candle business largely depends on the value proposition of your product, your pricing strategy, and your ability to reach your target market.

Usually, a healthy profit margin for handmade products, such as candles, falls between 25 and 50 percent. This margin takes into account not only the costs of materials but also overheads such as utilities, packaging, shipping, and even your time.

Therefore, setting a competitive yet profitable price is a critical step.

Moreover, the profitability of your business is also tied to the platforms and methods you use to sell your candles. Options include online marketplaces like Etsy, your own eCommerce website, craft fairs, and local retail outlets.

You’ll want to find venues that attract consumers who appreciate your product’s uniqueness and are willing to pay your asking price.

The potential for earnings in the candle business can be substantial if managed effectively. Some entrepreneurs manage to pull in between $25,000 and $50,000 in profits annually.

However, like any business, candle making requires dedication, skill, creativity, and a strong understanding of the market to be profitable.


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