Best Pricing Guns for Small Retail Businesses: Top Picks

Best Pricing Guns for Small Retail Businesses: Top Picks

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Are you using the best model of pricing guns? Even if you’re currently using some, you might not be aware of the full range of options available. For small retail businesses, manually pricing products can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. However, this challenge can be efficiently addressed by incorporating pricing label guns into your business operations, allowing you to zip through the job with ease.

But, with so many different pricing gun models in the market, which one is the best one? And is there a big difference between each brand? After all, they all basically do the same thing. True enough, the job of the price gun is pretty much the same, but there is a massive difference in terms of quality and accessories.

Top brands are often known for being well-made, offering great customer service, and providing accessories like labels. With this in mind, this article lists the top picks in pricing guns you can buy today.

Also, there are many YouTube videos that discuss loading, troubleshooting, techniques, tips and more. Take this helpful one by Store Supply Warehouse that shows how to troubleshoot at Manarch 1131:

Selecting the Best Pricing Guns: A Guide for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

When it comes to running a small business, selecting the right tools can make a significant difference in efficiency and professionalism. Pricing guns are essential for retailers, allowing for quick and accurate price labeling of products. Here are the criteria we consider crucial when selecting the best pricing guns, along with a scale of importance for each:

  1. Ease of Use (9/10):

    • Pricing guns should be user-friendly, requiring minimal effort to load labels and operate.
    • Consider models with clear instructions and simple mechanisms to avoid downtime and frustration.
  2. Durability and Build Quality (8/10):

    • A sturdy construction ensures the pricing gun can withstand regular use.
    • Look for robust materials and a design that resists jamming and wear.
  3. Label Variety and Flexibility (7/10):

    • The ability to use different label sizes and types adds versatility.
    • This is essential for businesses that sell a wide range of products.
  4. Pricing Options (8/10):

    • The pricing gun should offer flexibility in pricing formats, including options for decimals, units, and currencies.
    • This is crucial for businesses operating in diverse markets or with varied pricing strategies.
  5. Ink Longevity and Quality (7/10):

    • Long-lasting ink reduces the need for frequent replacements.
    • High-quality ink ensures legibility and professionalism on price tags.
  6. Cost Efficiency (8/10):

    • Pricing should be reasonable without compromising quality.
    • Consider the long-term cost, including label and ink replacements.
  7. Brand Reputation and Customer Support (6/10):

    • Established brands often provide better customer service and warranty options.
    • Reliable customer support is vital for troubleshooting and advice.
  8. Ergonomics and Comfort (7/10):

    • A comfortable grip and easy handling reduce fatigue during prolonged use.
    • This is particularly important for businesses with high volumes of products.
  9. Customization Options (5/10):

    • The ability to add custom details like logos or business names can enhance branding.
    • This criterion is more important for businesses emphasizing brand visibility.
  10. Size and Portability (6/10):

    • Compact and lightweight models are easier to handle, especially in small or crowded spaces.
    • Portability is a key factor for businesses that require mobility.

We believe that these criteria, weighted appropriately, will guide you in making an informed decision that aligns with your business needs and operational style. Remember, the right pricing gun not only adds efficiency to your pricing process but also reflects the professionalism of your business.

How do Pricing Guns Work?

How do pricing guns work (1)

Pricing Guns are a great way for merchants and retailers to affix price tags and prices onto various products. With a price gun, you can add the price labels onto the product with ease, since price guns come with the labels. Once you have loaded the price guns with the labels, you can use the pricing gun to stick the labels onto products.

Pricing guns use a unique ink roller to provide relief printing on material—in this case, a piece of paper. The ink roller is inserted into the selected slot in the magazine and then rolls over the letters and numbers arranged on the other side of the magazine. This results in an image being printed on the paper. Pricing gun manufacturers often design their products with two or more slots in the magazine to give users more flexibility when it comes to which price information they wish to print.

Benefits of Pricing Guns

Pricing gun - gardening pots

Pricing guns are the most efficient way to price your goods compared to printing and sticking each individual label. The guns help reduce the cost of pricing merchandise by automating the process and allowing prices to be easily changed when needed.

  • Price guns are accurate. Using a price gun ensures that the right price is being attached to the right product. Because they are digitally controlled, price guns can label items with prices, expiration dates, or even store slogans with the push of a button. Accuracy can be checked before the sticker or tag even leaves the price gun to insure the product is marked appropriately with the correct information.
  • Price guns can be used on a variety of surfaces. There are no limits when it comes to marking items with a price gun. Virtually any surface can be marked with a price gun, including glass products and frozen foods.
  • Price guns for product promotion. Use these easy-to-use labeling tools to make promotional impacts even with pricing and tagging on your products. Labels can be printed in your company’s signature color coding, and multi-row barrels increase both label availability and the number of possible price points. Pricing guns feature a built-in ink roller for trouble-free tag application.
  • Price guns help with Inventory tracking. Pricing guns help businesses track their inventory. They have a clear display that sets up in seconds and utilizes a one-hand operation for speed, accuracy and efficiency. A price gun is a great investment to save your business time and money.

Best Retail Pricing Guns

Monarch 925082 Pricemarker


Top Pick: Monarch is one of theleading manufacturers of pricing guns. The company makes these tools across many different price points and functionality to address the needs of various industries.

The Monarch 925082 is a 2-line eight-character per-line pricing gun with a patented no-mess inking system. All you have to do is dial the characters you need to print, and your label is ready to go.

This unit prints a maximum character height of 3mm for the top line and 5mm for the bottom line. It can hold larger label rolls to quickly reload it for improved productivity.

The Monarch 925082 comes in at 3.25 x 9.5 x 12.37 inches and weighs only one pound.

Monarch 925082 Pricemarker

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Perco Pro 2 Line Price Gun


Runner Up: This two-line pricing gun prints 16 digits for unit and case pricing that is ideal for food, inventory marking, restaurants, retail, as well as anywhere you need to label something. You can print a month, date AM/PM time, and tracking codes. Combine the top and bottom lines to print price, date, batch code, product code, or any identifiers for your products.

Perco sells its price guns with a Lifetime Warranty, but you have to register it to take advantage of this offer. The dimensions are 10.4 x 6.7 x 2.8 inches, and it weighs 1.2 pounds.

erco Pro 2 Line Price Gun, 8 Digit 2 Line Price Label Gun

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MoTEX MX-5500NEW Single Line Price Labeler

MoTEX MX-5500NEW Single Line Price Labeler, Pricemarker, Pricing Gun - One Line

Best Value: The MoTEX pricing gun is an ergonomically designed device for easy operation during long hours of labeling items. You can print up to eight digits in one line on 12x22mm labels.

A one-touch open system lets you change the ink roller and label. And each squeeze of the trigger loads and prints the label clearly. Made in South Korea, the company provides a lifetime warranty after scanning the QR code and entering the 12-digit verification code. It is light and comfortable at only 10 ounces and 10.08 x 8.58 x 3.31 inches.

MoTEX MX-5500NEW Single Line Price Labeler

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Towa Price Gun (GS18 )

Towa GS18 Price Marking Label Gun

Towa price guns are known for their quality construction and reliability. An all-metal frame, adjustable print head, and serrated waste make printing labels very efficient. Made in Japan, they are considered the finest labelers in the market.

This Towa prints one line with eight digits, making it perfect for pricing, dating, and coding your products. It comes in three models: GS one-line, GL two-line, and GX three-line, along with custom band set-ups. If you want a device that will last for years, this is it.

Towa pricing guns have the advantage of being able to print a ‘top and bottom line. This is because the Towa print-head is situated in the middle of the label, not at one end like other manufacturers. The extra space on either side of the price make this gun very versatile for printing additional information, such as weight and price per Kilo or litre etc.z0

Towa GS18 Price Marking Label Gun

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Monarch 925072 Price Gun


This Monarch pricing guns prints one line with eight characters per line price labels. It comes with all the features as the other one, including the patented inking system. And just like our Best Choice price gun, it comes with the company’s quality and reliability.

The only difference with this monarch pricing guns is that it is slightly smaller than other monarch guns. It still weighs the same, but it is 12.19 x 9.69 x 3.2 inches.

One of the advantages of Monarch pricing guns is you can get labels, ink rollers, and other parts with relative ease. The convenience of these tagging guns is essential for businesses of all sizes.

Monarch 925072 Pricemarker

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Garvey 22-66 Price Gun with Date Marking


The Garvey 22-66 is a 2-line pricing gun with six characters for retail inventory, food prep labels, record keeping, and even lab management. It is made with a reinforced ABS body with internal steel components to provide durability and longevity. The design allows for easy drop-in label loading to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Garvey offers a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee on its price guns as well as a 5-year Limited Warranty. It is not too heavy at 10.55 x 6.54 x 2.72 inches and 1.71 pounds, and the ergonomic handle reduces fatigue while labeling.

Garvey 22-66 Price & Date Marking Gun Starter Kit

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Sato Retail Price Gun


Sato pricing guns are known for their solid construction and ability to withstand the demanding wear and tear in commercial and industrial environments. It prints labels in two lines with eight characters per line. You can print a batch number on the top and a price or number on the bottom with this capability.

The Sato PB2-180 price gun is compatible with the Sato 180, LSA 1618, and Avery Dennison 216 labels. At 10 x 4 x 1 inch, it weighs 2 pounds.

Sato Price Gun: TSA180 (PB2-180)

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Meto PL 5.16, 1 Line Pricing Tool for 1600 Labels

Meto PL 5.16, 1 Line Pricing Tool for 1600 Labels

The Meto PL 5.16 is the ‘perfect tagging gun for your light to medium labeling jobs. It uses the Meto 1600 labels and 2200 ink roller, and it’s very easy to load with its unique feed system. It has a clear, easy to read print which will be sure to make your pricing stand out on any shelf.

Meto PL 5.16, 1 Line Pricing Tool for 1600 Labels

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XL Pro 22V Date Time Label Gun 1-Line 8 Characters

XL Pro 22V Date Time Label Gun 1-Line 8 Characters

The Meto PL 5.16 Is another model added to other XL Pro models. It is the ‘perfect tagging gun for your light to medium labeling tasks.’ With its flexible printing options, this machine can be used for a variety of jobs; it holds rolls that have 1200 labels each and has a quick drop-in loading feature. This tagger will help you save time when you need to get your work done fast!

XL Pro 22V Date Time Label Gun 1-Line 8 Characters

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2006 Pieces Clothes Tagging Applicator Gun Set

2006 Pieces Clothes Tagging Applicator Gun Set

This garment tagging applicator gun set is an ideal tool that can be used to add barbs fasteners onto clothes,textiles,toys,luggage,bags and more. The clothing tag applicator is designed with a comfortable handle grip that is easy to use and durable. Besides, the garment tagging tool can easily adjust the height of the needle for different sizes of materials. You can choose the suitable tag fastener size according to your needs. This clothing label applicator offers great value for money and is an indispensable tool for packaging and labeling all kinds of clothes in a professional way, which will attract customers’ attention significantly.

2006 Pieces Clothes Tagging Applicator Gun Set

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ASIBT MX5500 EOS Yellow 8 Digits Pricing Gun Kit with 7,000 Labels & Spare Ink

ASIBT MX5500 EOS Yellow 8 Digits Pricing Gun Kit

The MX-5500 is a high performance 8 digit labeling gun for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. It allows users to easily create, edit and print labels, tag or mark virtually any surface with nominal effort. The MX-5500 features an ergonomic design and a new easy to load mechanism.

ASIBT MX5500 EOS Yellow 8 Digits Pricing Gun Kit

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Honelo MX-5500 EOS 8 Digits Red Price Tag Gun with 1,000 pcs Labels

Honelo MX-5500 EOS 8 Digits Red Price Tag Gun

You can immediately use a handy price sticker gun for a business or retail store, making it perfect for offices, grocery stores, product coding, and business organization marking. It’s ideal for printing price tags on clothes and books, and can also serve as an expiration date gun for foods.

Honelo MX-5500 EOS 8 Digits Red Price Tag Gun

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Table: Comparison of Best Retail Pricing Guns

To help you choose, this table provides an at-a-glance comparison of different pricing guns, highlighting their type and key characteristics:

Guide to Buying Your Next Pricing Gun

Pricing guns perform a limited number of functions, so it is not hard to find quality pieces at reasonable prices. If your budget can afford it, this is one item you should splurge on because it’s more than just pricing, it’s order and accountability. Besides the higher-end price guns can last forever, so why miss out?

Key Considerations Before Purchasing a Pricing Gun

When shopping for a pricing gun, it’s important to weigh a few crucial factors to ensure you get a tool that meets your business’s needs efficiently and effectively. Here’s a breakdown of what to consider:

  • Pricing gun type: There are pricing guns that print one, two, or three lines with up to 12 characters in a single line in the marketplace. If you only want to display the price, a single-line price gun will do the job. On the other hand, if you’re going to show additional information such as a batch number or a manufacturing and expiration date, you need a two-line price gun. And a three-line device will let you add yet more information specific to your business.
  • Character requirement: Make sure to choose a pricing gun that has the character requirements for your business. This includes letters, numbers, symbols, and any other characters your business might need.
  • Output quality: The print output differentiates a good pricing gun from a bad one. After all, you want your customers to read the price and other information you print on your tags.

Also consider:

  • Volume: One of the reasons you want a high-quality pricing gun is to any volume of work. If your business is labeling a large volume of items, you will want a pricing gun that is reliable, easy to load, fast, and easy to use.
  • Accessories: A pricing gun will require Ink rollers and labels. Make sure the company you choose always has these supplies on hand. Similarly, it would help if you also kept extra supplies of these accessories. Set a minimum threshold for ordering more supplies to avoid getting caught shorthanded.
  • Cost: There are numerous advantages to using a pricing gun. The money and time saved over other labeling options makes the price gun an easy choice. For less than the cost of a few hundred labels, you can buy a pricing gun. Pricing guns have a simple design that is easy to use and maintain with reasonable shipping cost.

Label Adhesive Price Tags

label adhesive price tags (1)

A label adhesive might be the last thing you think of when you get a pricing gun, but here is why you should take another look. When you get your labels for your pricing gun, you have three adhesive options.

The first one is a permanent adhesive. This type of adhesive will ensure the label stays on there so the customer can see the information for a long time. Items with expiration dates and preventing criminals from changing tags in your store are just a couple of examples.

The second one is a peelable adhesive that will not damage the product, even if it has been there long. The only difference between the permanent adhesive is you can remove it easily. Other than that, they are the same. The label will stay stuck.

There are adhesives for different use cases. The third one is a freezer adhesive. And as the name implies, it is for items that will eventually end up in the freezer. If your business needs this type of adhesive, make sure to ask about the temperature limitations of the adhesive. Once the temperature goes down beyond a set degree, the adhesive hardens and becomes permanent.

Price Guns with Custom Labels

Pricing guns are a vital tool for any retail business. Remember, if you want to go beyond the regular white labels for your business, you can customize your labels. Price gun labels allow you to easily and quickly price your products with custom labels. No need to waste time printing and sticking complex price labels – simply place the label over one of the wheels, then pull the trigger to seal the deal. You can add everything from colors to your brand’s logo.

That said, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the information you are putting on the label. Therefore, before you buy a pricing gun, consider the points mentioned above, along with what kind of information you will print on your labels and the environment in which you will be using your pricing gun.

Advanced Features of Pricing Guns

Pricing gun - helmet merchandise (1)

Some pricing guns will help you keep track of inventory and restocking and allow you to sell items by date. Pricing guns with date coding features provide efficient record-keeping and can help prevent outdated and overstocked products.

A price gun label ensures the correct price attaches to the appropriate product. As they are primarily digitally controlled, price guns can label items with prices and expiration dates.

Therefore, before you buy a pricing gun, consider the points mentioned above and what kind of information you will print on your labels, and the environment you will be using your pricing gun.

How Do You Load a Price Gun?

Loading a price gun might seem a little bit complicated however, it is relatively easy to handle. By following these steps:

  • Lift up the label compartment.
  • Insert the labels inside the compartment. Then close it.
  • Release the base plate by pushing the tab located by the side of your gun.
  • Close the base plate and turn your gun upside down.
  • Squeeze your pricing gun slowly till it catches the paper label.

How much do pricing guns cost?

The cost of pricing guns varies widely, depending on the model and features you’re looking for. Let’s explore the different ranges and what they offer.

Basic Models:

  • Price Range: Under $20 to around $30.
  • Features: Basic models are usually less durable and offer limited features. Nevertheless, they are suitable for small-scale or occasional use.

Mid-Range Models:

  • Price Range: $30 to $80.
  • Features: These pricing guns offer a balance between durability and affordability. Furthermore, they often come with more labeling options and better build quality, suitable for moderate use in small to medium businesses.

High-End Models:

  • Price Range: $80 to $130+.
  • Features: High-end models are designed for heavy-duty use and longevity. Additionally, they often feature advanced options like multiple lines, customizable labels, and ergonomic designs. These are ideal for large retail environments or businesses with extensive labeling needs.

The pricing varies based on factors such as:

  • Quality and Durability: Higher-quality materials and construction lead to a higher price.
  • Brand Reputation: Well-known brands might charge more due to their established market presence and perceived reliability.
  • Features and Customization: Advanced features like multiple lines, customizable labels, or digital interfaces can increase the price.
  • Ergonomics and Ease of Use: Models designed for comfort and ease of use, especially in high-volume settings, may cost more.

It’s important for businesses to consider their specific needs and the volume of products they handle when choosing a pricing gun to ensure they get the best value for their investment.

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