Britney Spears' apologetic bathroom excuse during traffic stops

Britney Spears’ apologetic bathroom excuse during traffic stops

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Britney Spears’ apologetic bathroom excuse during traffic stops

Britney Spears, an acclaimed singer known for her chart-topping hits, was recently pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers for crossing double yellow traffic lines.

Britney’s reaction after getting pulled over

According to TMZ, the body cam footage of cops pulling over the pop sensation on two different occasions (September 10 and October 6) showed the songstress using most oldest tricks to get out of traffic stops.

Britney appeared super-apologetic, and during the October 6 stop, she used the usual tactic of telling the officers that she had to go to the bathroom for violating traffic rules. She stated, “I’m so sorry, I have to use the bathroom … it’s about to come out right now. I’m so sorry.”

Previously, the Toxic singer was pulled over on September 10 for overspeeding (61 mph) in a low speeding zone (40 mph), and the songstress was fined for driving without her license and proof of insurance.

Britney’s total fine from both traffic violations was $1140.

Purpose of Yellow Lights on Road

The presence of double yellow lines on the road signifies a no-passing zone. The lines are used to separate traffic moving in opposite directions, and crossing them is generally illegal and unsafe.


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