BTS V claims Big Hit Music brushed off 'emotional struggles'

BTS V claims Big Hit Music brushed off ’emotional struggles’

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File Footage BTS V exposes Big Hit Music for brushing off emotional struggles
File Footage BTS V exposes Big Hit Music for brushing off ’emotional struggles’

BTS’s Taehyung, also known as V, opens up about Bit Hit Music seeking business output from his emotional struggles.

During an interview with Weverse magazine, the K-pop idol V revealed that his staff sought business when he tried to share his emotional struggles with them.

Exposing this insensitive aspect of the K-pop agency, V told Weverse, “At one point I was struggling emotionally, and I was telling someone on staff about it, but they just went into work mode. You can get it all out later in lyrical form. It’d be good to sort through it.”

In order to cope with the situation, V aka Kim Taehyung mentioned in the interview that he opted to carry a diary with him.

“So I ended up keeping that diary half because of that and half because I was using my phone too much during the tour,” he stated.

Referring to the effectiveness of journaling your thoughts and feelings Kim Taehyung (V) addressed, “My number one priority is how something makes me think or feel, then I can explain what actually happened. Later on, I can look back and see how I was feeling at the time.”

Taehyung, the 27-year-old member of the South Korean boy band BTS, also described that he likes sharing feelings and experiences with others saying, “I usually share my thoughts and feelings to the other members, my friends, and sometimes staff members more than my family.”


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