Charlie Puth’s tribute to Matthew Perry wins ‘Friends’ fandom over

Charlie Puth’s tribute to Matthew Perry wins ‘Friends’ fandom over

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Charlie Puth paid a moving tribute to Matthew Perry who passed away on Saturday night at the age of 54.

News about the Friends actor’s demise came in right before his concert at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

Charlie, played the hit sitcom’s theme song I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts on piano as the audience sang the lyrics and he later joined them for the chorus.

The Attention singer then transitioned into his famous Furious 7 track When I See You Again ft. by Wiz Khalifa which made the audience break into a huge cheer. 

He previously shared that the song was already inspired by the death of one of his friends.

The clip from the concert went viral as fans praised Charlie for being “the sweetest” and paying a lovely tribute to the comedic actor.

Charlie has always been known as a huge fan of the beloved 90s sitcom. 

In October 2019, Courtney Cox, who played Monica Geller on the show, tested his fandom on an episode of Billboard’s Quizzed series where she asked him rapid fire questions about the show and he got most of them right.

Matthew passed away on October 28 in his LA home after his assistant found him drowned in a jacuzzi, following an alleged cardiac arrest. His autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending. 


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