Debate for transfer of PSL 9 to Dubai intensified

Debate for transfer of PSL 9 to Dubai intensified

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The discussion surrounding the relocation of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season from Pakistan to Dubai has escalated.

According to the details, the announcement of general elections in Pakistan on February 8 has sparked a debate regarding the proposed dates of the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), from February 8 to March 24. 

With concerns over security arrangements during the election period, there have been discussions about holding the opening ceremony and a few matches of the PSL in Dubai.

Sources reveal that a high-ranking official associated with the PSL has been actively working since the beginning of the year to secure matches in the UAE. This official had also previously suggested shifting the league to Dubai during the eighth edition after a minor incident in Karachi, but the proposal was rejected.

Previously, when a disagreement arose concerning the security funds provided by the Punjab government, discussions about relocating the league emerged. This particular official has close ties with the previous management, yet Zaka Ashraf chose not to remove him from his position, and the official still harbors the same desire to shift the ninth edition of the league out of the country. 

The official believed that Zaka Ashraf might not receive an extension, making the goal easily attainable, but the entire plan fell apart. Among the franchises, there are differing opinions on the matter, with some supporters opposing it while others remain in favor.

According to one franchise owner, India has previously moved the IPL to the UAE and South Africa during election periods. Additionally, foreign cricketers are comfortable in Dubai due to the relaxed movement restrictions. 

However, another owner expressed concern that moving the league to the UAE would lead to a decrease in income, as there are additional expenses such as venue rent, air tickets, and expensive hotels etc. 

Despite this, the league could still be held in Pakistan by changing the schedule to accommodate the election period. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the UAE will host its own ILT20 league from January 19 to February 17, so the PSL could potentially be held there from February 18 onwards.