Disney halts release of 'Magazine Dreams' amidst Jonathan Majors' legal troubles

Disney halts release of ‘Magazine Dreams’ amidst Jonathan Majors’ legal troubles

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Disney halts release of Magazine Dreams amidst Jonathan Majors legal troubles
Disney halts release of ‘Magazine Dreams’ amidst Jonathan Majors’ legal troubles

Jonathan Majors has been facing severe setbacks in the wake of a domestic assault lawsuit filed against him by his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. 

Magazine Dreams release postponed

Previously, he was dropped by his PR team at the Lede Company and his Entertainment 360 management, and now it appears that his Oscar-buzzy movie, Magazine Dreams, set to be released in December 2023, will not be making it to the big screen.

Magazine Dreams new release date

According to TMZ, the Disney movie Magazine Dreams starring Jonathan Majors was set to hit the big screen in early December under Searchlight Pictures, but now the mouse house has hit pause.

The new release date of the movie has not yet been announced.

Jonathan Majors’s legal battle

This comes amidst the legal drama surrounding the actor’s ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit against him. In the complaint filed by Jabbari, she accused Jonathan of assault and aggravated harassment after an alleged domestic dispute.

The criminal trial against Jonathan is set to begin on November 29, and the actor has pleaded not guilty to all four charges levelled against him.

Disney moves forward with Loki season 2

Disney is now pulling out to release the highly anticipated movie due to Majors’ awaited trial. 

They strangely moved forward with Loki season 2, which heavily features the actor, and he has also secured some rave reviews for his captivating performance in the series. 


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