'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow breaks silence on Matthew Perry

‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow breaks silence on Matthew Perry

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I was unaware how Matthew Perry was doing: Friends star Lisa Kudrow
‘I was unaware how Matthew Perry was doing’: ‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow

Matthew Perry left this world on Saturday after being found unresponsive in L.A home. He had a troubled life, especially his unchecked addiction, which he kept under wraps for quite long. 

It was so secretive that his Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow doesn’t know, which she admitted in his Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible foreword.

Looking back at her relationship with the on-screen Chandler Bing, the 60-year-old admitted about the late actor’s addition that she doesn’t precisely know what his condition was.

“I wasn’t exactly sure how Matthew was doing. As he’ll tell you in this book, he was keeping it a secret. And it took some time for him to feel comfortable enough to tell us some of what he was going through.”

She continued, “Over those years I didn’t really try to intervene or confront him, because the little I knew about addiction was that his sobriety was out of my hands.”

Noting, “And yet, I would have periods of wondering if I was wrong for not doing more, doing something. But I did come to understand that this disease relentlessly fed itself and was determined to keep going.”


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