'Friends' star Matthew Perry's autopsy report results: Read more

‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry’s autopsy report results: Read more

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Friends star Matthew Perrys cause of death deferred in autopsy report
‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry’s cause of death deferred in autopsy report

Matthew Perry, the beloved actor, passed away at the age of 54 at his Los Angeles home on Saturday afternoon, leaving his fans devastated. An autopsy was underway to determine the official cause of death, but now it has been reported that mystery will keep surrounding the actor’s death.

Matthew Perry’s autopsy report

The initial autopsy report published by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office states that they are deferring the cause of death of the iconic Friends actor. The report states that the pending toxicology results and further investigation could take weeks.

According to TMZ, the report notes that the actor died at his home and that his body is ready to be released to his family for cremation.

The report has also not indicated the manner of death. 

No foul play was detected in Perry’s death

However, the publication, relying on law enforcement informants, reported that no foul play was detected in the actor’s death, and no illegal drugs were found on the house premises.

Earlier, TMZ reported that the actor, known for his role as Chandler in Friends, was found unresponsive at his home after having a two-hour pickleball session. 


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