Give same Pakistan team to Dhoni, it will be on winning streak: Ex-Indian player

Give same Pakistan team to Dhoni, it will be on winning streak: Ex-Indian player

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The former Indian batter, Manoj Tiwary, who is now minister for Sports in West Bengal, expressed his belief that Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, could enhance his leadership by being more proactive and adaptable to match situations. 

Tiwary highlighted an instance where Babar continued with a struggling bowler, suggesting that a proactive captain should be willing to alter plans based on the unfolding dynamics of the game.

“I feel that Babar could have done better as captain, he needs to be proactive and think one step ahead, for example how he continued with Shadab’s bowling example despite seeing that he was struggling to find his rhythm. I think it is better to remove the struggling bowler if he is not able to deliver properly. It is important to have a proactive captain, Babar needs to think out of the box. He should be prepared to modify his plans according to match situation. At times you need to go against your initial plans when the situation on the field is different,” Tiwary said in an interview with a local news channel.

In a bold statement, Tiwary challenged the notion that under the leadership of MS Dhoni, the same Pakistan team would embark on a winning streak.

“Give same Pakistan team under leadership of MS Dhoni, I challenge that this team will be on a winning streak,” Tiwary added.

Tiwary commended Babar Azam’s batting skills, acknowledging his ability to perform consistently under pressure.

“Babar is a great player under immense pressure. Blaming him alone for Pakistan’s results is unfair. He has the skills to be among the legends like Sachin Tendulkar or Rohit Sharma. He is undoubtedly Pakistan’s top batter of this era,” he said.