I’m the director of Yazoo, wanted to sell bicycle helmets: Inzamam

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Former Pakistan team chief selector, Inzamam-ul-Haq, has responded to accusations by saying that he is the director of the Yazoo Company. 

Inzamam mentioned in a TV interview that he holds a director’s position in the company, but he clarified that the company isn’t involved in managing cricketers. It’s important to know that other directors of the company include the wicketkeeper Muhammad Rizwan and a players’ agent named Talha Rahmani.

Inzamam was accused of having a conflict of interest. He explained that if the board had asked him to disclose any potential issues before he got his job, he would have done so. He also mentioned that there were no financial dealings with a specific company. 

He sent a letter through his lawyer to the board two days ago. The committee formed to investigate hasn’t contacted him yet, and he thinks they should. He pointed out that Talha Rahmani is a director in both companies and wondered why he isn’t called and asked?

During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we established Yazoo Company with the aim of marketing bicycle helmets on Amazon. Our intention was to venture into business, but unfortunately, we didn’t achieve success.

I was informed that Saya Corporation handles cricketers contracts, including my own, and they specialize in brand endorsements. The decision regarding the central contract was reached in June, a period during which I was not present. I arrived in August, by which time the names and categories had already been determined.

For many months, the central contract was not signed because we couldn’t agree on its terms. I had been here for a month, and the board asked me to step in and help resolve the disagreements in the team caused by this contract issue. I managed to settle the matter in a meeting between Babar Azam and Zaka Ashraf. I advised the team captain not to worry about the ICC revenue for now, as it will likely increase in the future. I believe I should be given credit for solving this problem.

The board has all the records of the Saya Corporation, and it’s not hidden. The corporation has paid its taxes. It’s important to note that when there were allegations of a conflict of interest, Zaka Ashraf, the head of the PCB Management Committee, had also set up a 5-member committee to investigate. I’d like to mention that my company has been operating for four years.

Do Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, and other cricketers play solely due to my influence? Even when I wasn’t the chief selector, they continued to play. Prove how I had controlled the players?

Regarding the possibility of assuming the position again, the former captain stated that when offered the role of chief selector, he initially declined, citing the five stents were inserted in the heart during his initial three years in that position. 

He pledged that such a situation would not recur. Even when I wasn’t serving as the chief selector, the cricketers held me in high regard. I did not control anyone. Don’t try to embarrass me. 

Many people asked why I took the Chief Selector role when others declined. I now regret my decision.I resigned so that proper inquiry should be made. When our team loses, non-cricketers hurl debris at players. If there is no continuity in the policies of the board, such problems will come to light. 

A few days ago, I was being asked for the selection of women’s and under-19 teams, I refused, and now things are proving different.