Joe Jonas shares hilarious encounter with Nathan Fielder: 'Mayo Moment'

Joe Jonas shares hilarious encounter with Nathan Fielder: ‘Mayo Moment’

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Joe Jonas, the 34-year-old musician known for his time with the Jonas Brothers, recently delighted his fans with a “storytime” video on Instagram that recounted a humorous encounter with comedian Nathan Fielder. 

In the video, Jonas shared, “So last night, I noticed Nathan Fielder was at the same restaurant I was having dinner at in L.A.” It seems that the singer couldn’t pass up the opportunity to connect with one of his favorite comedians.

Joe Jonas, a self-professed fan of Nathan Fielder’s work on the popular show “Nathan for You,” decided to make a bold move. He expressed his admiration by wanting to send Fielder a drink. 

Jonas approached the waiter and inquired if he could send Fielder a beverage. To his delight, the response he received was, “You have good taste,” which certainly boosted his confidence in his appreciation for all things Nathan Fielder.

With the waiter’s approval, Joe Jonas ordered a drink for Nathan Fielder. However, it was Fielder’s unexpected response that made the encounter truly unforgettable. 

As a token of his appreciation, Nathan Fielder sent back something that left both Joe and the restaurant patrons bewildered – a jar of mayonnaise.

The surprising gesture left Joe Jonas amused, and he couldn’t help but share this unusual exchange with his fans. At the end of his “storytime,” Jonas provided a photograph as evidence of the mayo on the table, humorously captioning it, “Thank you Nathan!!”

Currently, Joe Jonas is on tour with his brothers and bandmates, Nick and Kevin Jonas. While his comedy career may not be as extensive as his music career, it’s clear that Joe Jonas knows how to keep things fun and entertaining, even off the stage. 


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