Kate Middleton 'trusted' by people because she 'keeps her head down'

Kate Middleton ‘trusted’ by people because she ‘keeps her head down’

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Kate Middleton trusted by people because she keeps her head down
Kate Middleton ‘trusted’ by people because she ‘keeps her head down’

Kate Middleton is branded in a safe position in the Royal Family due to lack of scandals.

The Princess of Wales has seemingly achieved a margin of error with her clean track record of controversies in the past.

According to PR expert Eddie Coram James, Kate’s non-fussy demeanor has made her earn the status that she has in the media and the royal family.

“The Princess of Wales has remained broadly controversy-free for years,” Mr Coram James told the Daily Express. “She’s kept her head down, not made a fuss, worked hard and dedicated herself to good causes. Given the context, of course, the press has given her a free pass to the benefit of the doubt.”

He then reveals how Kate Middleton’s statements are taken at a face value and considered as they are.

Mr Coram James continued: “When she says she wants to miss Earthshot to focus on parenting, people trust that that is probably the case.”


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