King Charles opposes Prince Andrew's plan for Eugenie, Beatrice: report

King Charles opposes Prince Andrew’s plan for Eugenie, Beatrice: report

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Prince Andrew is working on a plan for his daughters to become senior working royals but King Charles is against the idea, reported

“It’s more the advisers than the King himself who are against the idea of Eugenie and Beatrice becoming working members of the royal family,” the publication quoted sources as saying.

The reason the monarch and his aides are averse to the idea is the fear of criticism which the duo might attract due to their perceived abuse of power in the past.

The report said that the two sisters were accused of taking too many holidays or spending too much public money on security and other perks when they were taking more responsibilities.

The palace sources fear that the monarchy would draw criticism if they were made senior working royals.

Citing sources, the publication reported that the Duke of York has hit a firm and solid barrier within Palace walls which has stopped them dead in their tracks.

The sources said, “Andrew has basically been stripped of his office so it’s very difficult for the Yorks to get their voices heard.”

“They feel like they’ve lost any power they once had and total control of their own narrative.



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