Kris Jenner 'pressures' Kendall Jenner to have a baby

Kris Jenner ‘pressures’ Kendall Jenner to have a baby

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Kris Jenner pressures Kendall Jenner to have a baby
Kris Jenner ‘pressures’ Kendall Jenner to have a baby 

Kris Jenner recently confronted Kendall Jenner over plans to settle down and have a baby amid her ongoing romance with Bad Bunny.

In this week’s episode of The Kardashians, the supermodel celebrated the birth of her pony as Kris and Khloe Kardashian surprise her with a cake.

“So my baby horse was born. I think I have the most gorgeous baby, and I know everyone says that about their children but I really believe that I have the most gorgeous horse baby,” Kendall says during a confession.

While celebrating her pet’s birth, the Kardashians matriarch shares she had a dream about her 28-year-old daughter having a baby.

“With who?” asks Kendall to which Kris replied that it wasn’t that clear but she just saw her with one and continued to ask if she plans to have a child one day.

“Of course. Three max. I’m cool with two, though. I just want my kid to for sure have a sibling, I know that,” replied Kendall, who is currently dating the Puerto Rican rapper

In another confessional, Kris expressed she wishes to see her daughter with a baby, “I know we’re all different, but me personally, I would love to see Kendall have a baby, and she’d be such a good mommy.”

The Skims model tells her mother that right now she’s just enjoying her life and the freedom that comes with it, “The ease in just picking up and going somewhere – I just like that right now.’

Kendall further ensures Kris, saying: “I swear I got this, and I will give you a grandkid when the time is right and when it all makes sense perfectly.”


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