Madonna battles 'fatigue' on 'Celebration World Tour'

Madonna battles ‘fatigue’ on ‘Celebration World Tour’

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Madonna battles fatigue on Celebration World Tour
Madonna battles ‘fatigue’ on ‘Celebration World Tour’

Madonna, who has been rocking the stage for her Celebration World tour since earlier this month (October), is reportedly feeling the signs of fatigue. 

A body language expert believes that the songstress appears to be shattered and nervous.

Madonna’s Celebration World tour 

Madonna has embarked on her Celebration World tour after months of hiatus due to a medical emergency as the pop sensation was rushed to hospital earlier this year. She was treated for a nearly fatal bacterial infection and had to stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital for several days.

Inbaal Honigman’s opinion on Madonna’s appearance

The 65-year-old singer embarked on her tour earlier this month after gaining strength, and now body language expert Inbaal Honigman has weighed in their opinion on Madonna’s recent appearance.

In an interview with the Mirror, Inbaal stated that it was very difficult to analyze the body language from a highly choreographed show, noting that one unmistakable sign hints that Madonna was tired.

She continued, “The hitmaker has successfully shown her fans that she has worked hard for them and is excited to be back on tour.”

Inbaal noted that most of her pictures showed the singer’s chin resting slightly low with her head hanging a little bit, adding, “This sign tells us that the Queen of Pop feels fatigued.” 


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