Matthew Perry was 'not depressed' before shocking death

Matthew Perry was ‘not depressed’ before shocking death

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Matthew Perry was not depressed before shocking death
Matthew Perry was ‘not depressed’ before shocking death

Contrary to multiple reports that Matthew Perry was somber at the end of his life, a new twist appeared that described the Friends star as living his best life prior to his death.

Claims of this nature were published in TMZ, where a source close to the late actor revealed, “Matthew had “never been happier,” adding the 54-year-old was recently shifted into his home.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, the 17 Again star had lined up exciting gigs in Hollywood, including a movie and a TV show, and brainstorming ideas on new scripts for various projects.

Seemingly, it was one of the reasons the reaction to his death was so shocking.

But previously, a source painted a different picture as it blamed his string of failed relationships, which drove him to depression.

“Matthew always dreamed of having the perfect family,” adding, “He wanted a wife and at least a couple of kids. And he said he wouldn’t even mind marrying a woman who already had kids,” the bird chirped to Daily Mail.

The Massachusetts native was working to find someone special; the insider shared, “Lately, the star has been looking for love again. But a string of failed relationships left him feeling sad and depressed, and as if he would never find that love he longed for.”

“In the end, I think his years of fighting demons… Drugs and alcohol… It took a toll on him and on his health, and eventually, he would end up alone again,” the source said.


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