Matthew Perry’s body taken for autopsy – listed ‘pending’ by coroner

Matthew Perry’s body taken for autopsy – listed ‘pending’ by coroner

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Friends alum Matthew Perry passed away tragically on Saturday in his Los Angeles home. The actor died of drowning in his jacuzzi at the age of 54.

Perry had enjoyed a two-hour pickleball game before he returned home to relax in the jacuzzi on Saturday. The actor had sent his assistant out on an errand when he tragically passed due to drowning.

After his assistant found him unresponsive upon returning home, they called emergency services, who arrived to find Perry dead and did not take him to the hospital.

A coroner’s van then arrived at his luxurious home and staff from the LA County Medical Examiner’s Office loaded Perry’s body into the van before taking off. The autopsy is now listed as “pending” on the coroner’s website.

The beloved comedian had a longstanding battle with drug addictions that he was candid about throughout his career, even giving advice to his fan following on how to battle addiction.

In his last interview before he passed, he gave drug addicts hope by telling them they’re not alone and that they can change.

“I want people to understand that they’re not alone that there are other people feeling exactly the way they’re feeling.”

“That their behaviour is not insane, that they have a disease and it’s not their fault. There’s a very famous line that people don’t change. I happen to know that people do change.”

“And I see that every day. I see people getting better. I see the lights in their eyes come on and they get through the terrible part of addiction and the detox and are able to live a normal life as long as they do a certain amount of work everyday.”


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