Matthew Perry's comedy in 'Friends' was credited as 'therapy'

Matthew Perry’s comedy in ‘Friends’ was credited as ‘therapy’

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Matthew Perrys comedy in Friends was credited as therapy
Matthew Perry’s comedy in ‘Friends’ was credited as ‘therapy’

Matthew Perry is a global star who has departed from the world. Discussing his greatness, Selma Blair shared the late actor’s influence on pop culture.

Appearing at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday, the 51-year-old actress opened up about the impact of his death.

“I know Matthew really, really loved touching people, and his comedy was therapy,” the Cruel Intentions star told ExtraTV.

Explaining the profound impact of his work in Friends, the Hellboy actress said, “[Friends] was beloved because we could get into shows like that on primetime and so many people could create a family with these characters,” noting, “And I love that it affects everyone.”

She continued, “It’s good to grieve,” adding, “We realize how precious things are when we have the dark seasons. And so I gladly hold this dark season for Matthew, who meant so much to me.”

Selma previously shared the duo’s photo in a heartfelt tribute to Matthew on Instagram.

Captioning the post, she wrote, “My oldest boyfriend. All of us loved Matthew Perry, and I did especially,” adding, “Every day. I loved him unconditionally. And he me. And I’m broken. Broken hearted. Sweet dreams, Matty. Sweet dreams.”


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