Matthew Perry's memoir unveils David Schwimmer's heroic stand at 'Friends' set

Matthew Perry’s memoir unveils David Schwimmer’s heroic stand at ‘Friends’ set

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Matthew Perrys memoir unveils David Schwimmers heroic stand at Friends set
Matthew Perry’s memoir unveils David Schwimmer’s heroic stand at ‘Friends’ set

Matthew Perry’s untimely death at the age of 54 has renewed focus on his Friends co-stars years after the show’s end (in 2004).

One remarkable incident that he mentioned in his memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, involving his friend David Schwimmer has resurfaced following the actor’s passing.

The Guardian recently reported the inspiring incident mentioned in Matthew’s book that details how David advocated for equal pay for all the cast members despite having a chance to earn much more.

David Schwimmer’s inspirational decision 

In his book, the late actor mentioned that for every episode of the first season of Friends, everyone made a decent $22,000, adding that this changed in season 2.

He added that David and Jennifer Anniston started making a bit more than other cast due to their popularity on the show.

In the third season, when Warner Bros. hinted to pay even more to them because of the Ross/Rachel love storyline’s popularity, David put his foot down and floated the idea of everyone making the same amount even if it meant a pay cut for him.

Matthew mentioned, “David had certainly been in a position to go for the most money, and he didn’t,” adding that he liked to think that he would have done the same but wasn’t sure about that.

The beloved late actor states that David’s compassion made us take care of each other.

Matthew revealed that the cast was making a whopping million dollars for each episode by season eight of the show and credited David’s earlier decision to bargain collectively as a group and setting up the precedent of equal pay. 


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