Meghan Markle to attend Matthew Perry's funeral?

Meghan Markle to attend Matthew Perry’s funeral?

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Meghan Markle to attend Matthew Perrys funeral?
Meghan Markle to attend Matthew Perry’s funeral?

Matthew Perry’s funeral plans are expected to get underway after the “Friends” star’s body is released from the coroner’s office.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office on Monday said the cause of actor Matthew Perry’s death at his residence Saturday will require additional investigative steps before reaching a conclusion.

The medical examiner updated its online record for Perry on Sunday afternoon, listing his cause of death as “deferred.”

Actor Matthew Perry died on Saturday after apparently drowning in a hot tub. He was 54.

The American-Canadian performer was found dead in a jacuzzi at his Los Angeles home.

While it’s still unknown when the funeral for the beloved star of “Friends” will be held, some people have already started discussing who will be in attendance.

Prominent among those who mentioned the funeral were Meghan Markle’s critics.

They believe that the former actress would do anything to be at the funeral.


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