Meghan Markle’s nonsense speaks volumes: 'The rift can't be more wider'

Meghan Markle’s nonsense speaks volumes: ‘The rift can’t be more wider’

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Meghan Markle’s nonsense speaks volumes: The rift cant be more wider
Meghan Markle’s nonsense speaks volumes: ‘The rift can’t be more wider’

The Duke of Sussex has just been warned, there are a number of people that are seeing through her and it speaks volumes.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams made these admissions.

He weighed in on everything in a candid converastion with the Daily Mail.

According to Mr Fitzwilliams, accusations against King Charles for seemingly exposing the birthday snub story in order to shift focus off of his Kenya visit.

According to Mr Fitzwilliams, “It brings to mind Meghan’s claim in an interview in The Cut magazine that she had been told by an unnamed member of the cast of the Lion King that there was rejoicing in South Africa when they married, similar to when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. This was obviously nonsense but it spoke volumes that she said it.”

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“The rift in the royal family could not be wider and bemused courtiers must be wondering what comes next. Lets us hope that the reported four book deal with Random House does not lead to another memoir. “

“Also, Netflix, when The Crown is over, may regard Harry and Meghan as expendable if they continue to produce so little. Polls in America indicate people are seeing through them.”

Before concluding Mr Fitzwilliams also added, “When he turns 75, it will a painful moment when King Charles gets that message from his errant son-if he does!”


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